SYDNEY, 4 OCTOBER 2019: Fremantle and Screenworks have today announced an exciting collaboration to promote career advancement for burgeoning regional screen practitioners throughout Australia.  The partnership will connect the best talent identified through Screenworks' programs and events, providing invaluable hands-on experience including series producing, directing and script writing on Fremantle’s various productions.

Wentworth - behind-the-scenes.jpg

Fremantle, leaders in scripted and unscripted content locally and throughout the world, will also become a major sponsor of Screenworks’ largest annual event, the Business of Producing Seminar.  It will also be a supporting partner of Screenworks' annual calendar of workshop, events and initiatives.

 This partnership demonstrates Fremantle’s commitment to attracting fresh, undiscovered talent to the television industry from a wide range of backgrounds as well as a vital step to increasing jobs opportunities for regional screen talent with potential to connect them to a global production landscape.

 Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Asia Pacific, Fremantle, said: “Neighbours, Wentworth and many of our other productions have been a launch pad for careers - in front and behind the camera - and we’re delighted to be able to provide this opportunity to a new generation of creatives.  Our production techniques are constantly evolving so the experience will provide a unique overview of various styles of filming, as well an insight to the script development process.”

 Ken Crouch, CEO, Screenworks, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer regional practitioners more opportunities as a result of this newly formed partnership with Fremantle.

 “There is enormous value to regional practitioners to have production companies like Fremantle, helping us to support regional talent and project development and a great opportunity for Fremantle to tap into some of the best regional talent available in Australia.”

 Screenworks is the peak body for regional film, TV and screen related content that supports regional screen projects, its practitioners and promoting screen culture in regional Australia.  Screenworks principal activities provide screen-related development and networking opportunities, programs and initiatives specifically designed to support people living in regional, rural and remote Australia.

 Screenworks will shortly be calling for applications to their 2020 Career Pathway programs and further information can be found at

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MELBOURNE, 6 SEPTEMBER 2019: Fremantle, producers of Australia’s longest running drama Neighbours, announced today the iconic series will be expanding beyond Ramsay Street with a unique spin-off mini-series commissioned by the show’s UK broadcaster Channel 5 and screened locally on 10 Play, called Neighbours: Erinsborough High.

The five-episode series, filmed at Fremantle’s Melbourne studio, goes deep into the teen experience for a group of students during the hectic final exam period. Hormones are racing, friendships are tested - but when a popular student goes missing, the turmoil escalates. It will explore issues universally troubling teens today - bullying, mental illness, sexuality, cultural diversity, parental and peer pressure, and teacher-student relationships. Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Asia Pacific, Fremantle, said: “Neighbours is one of the most important dramas in Australian and British history, being able to spin off this iconic series and tell important stories to a young adult audience is an evolution we are all very proud of at Fremantle.”

Developed by Neighbours’ Executive Producer, Jason Herbison, and produced by Natalie Lynch, the series stars a mix of Neighbours regular cast members and newcomers.

Jason Herbison said: “Neighbours: Erinsborough High is an exciting opportunity to shine a light on one of our most iconic playing areas – the local high school. It’s long been an ambition to delve deeper into some of our workplaces and the characters who populate them. Who knows what we might do next?”

The 22-minute episodes will stream on Channel 5’s VOD platform My5, where Neighbours achieved its highest month ever in July 2019 for 16-54s and will also be available to local viewers on 10 Play from November 11.

Oli Thomas, VP, Digital Lead, Channel 5, said: “Neighbours continues to be a popular show which has brought enjoyment to audiences for many years, so it’s hugely exciting to bring its first ever spin-off series to fans in the UK exclusively on My5.”

Neighbours screens weeknights 52 weeks a year, making it the only drama production here and in the UK to broadcast continually throughout the year.


Trespassers Book Cover.jpg

Greed, migration and exile

Brand new drama development announced

SYDNEY, 5 September 2019:  Alex Adsett Publishing Services is delighted to announce that Triptych Pictures and Fremantle have acquired an option over Meg Mundell's just-released second novel, The Trespassers (University of Queensland Press).


The Trespassers will be a co-production from Triptych Pictures and Fremantle. This is the first time the two creative powerhouses have partnered on a project with development on The Trespassers already underway.


The Trespassers is a beguiling novel that explores the consequences of greed, the experiences of migration and exile, and the way strangers can become the ones we hold dear.  A shipload of migrant workers flees a pandemic-stricken UK, seeking a fresh start in Australia. For nine-year-old Cleary the journey promises adventure, for former nurse Billie it’s a chance to put a shameful mistake behind her, while struggling schoolteacher Tom hopes for a brighter future. But when a crew member is murdered and people start falling gravely ill, the Steadfast descends into chaos. Trapped on the ship, the trio must join forces to survive the journey and its aftermath.


Martin Shaw, literary agent at AAPS, said:  "We are thoroughly delighted by the news. There are so many images in this novel that leave such an indelible impression, and with the talent now assembling behind this co-production, I'm convinced it will be equally as impressive on screen".


Kristian Moliere, Producer, Triptych Pictures, whose production credits include the successful Australian horror film The Babadook as well as the recent TV adaptation of Kenneth Cook’s Wake in Fright, will be joined by screenwriter Andy Cox, who is currently also adapting Peter Temple's novel Truth.  They will work with Fremantle’s drama team headed by Jo Porter, whose recent credits include the internationally successful series Wentworth now in its eighth season and Picnic at Hanging Rock.


Moliere said: “As soon as Andy Cox and I read Meg Mundell’s gripping and powerful novel, we could envisage a television adaptation that we knew would resonate with audiences. Through a group of isolated strangers forming connections, the book explores a range of relevant contemporary issues in a tense and suspenseful setting.” 


 Jo Porter, Director of Scripted at Fremantle, said: “This captivating novel’s unique framing of a story that deals with class, refugees, and fear set in a world in the not-too-distant future feels highly relevant in today’s climate. It lends itself to the kind of event television that makes it the perfect addition to our international drama slate. We are very excited to be realising this adaption in partnership with the talents of Kristian and Andy”


Author Meg Mundell said:  "I'm rapt to have signed with the Triptych and Fremantle teams, and excited about working with Andy and Kristian as they develop The Trespassers for screen. Andy's a hugely talented screenwriter, and the perfect person to bring the book to life in this new form. The story couldn't be in better hands."  




For more information, please contact:

Kelly Davis – Communications Manager, Fremantle

+61 413 009 545 /



Alex Adsett Publishing Services

Martin Shaw -

Alex Adsett +61 431874 787


Sydney, June 19, 2019: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Fremantle, Micanical Media and 2Jons have today announced they have joined creative forces to develop one of the biggest and most ambitious dramas created in Australia, Barons.

An original work from Micanical Media and 2Jons, Barons is an eight-episode series that charts the journey of a group of young surfers living a life focused on the best breaks, great friendships, freedom and good times.  From their tiny garages and surf coast shopfronts they create billion-dollar empires, hurtling them from the beach to the boardroom, winning and losing themselves along the way.

Barons is to be shot on locations in Australia, Indonesia and the USA, with production of this ground-breaking series planned for 2020. The series has been developed by Micanical’s Michael Lawrence (Bra Boys, Uncensored) and 2Jons’ John Molloy (The Gloaming, Molly). Emmy award winning surf director Taylor Steele (Momentum Generation, Proximity) will capture the action from the world’s most spectacular beaches. Liz Doran (Please Like Me, Molly) leads the writing team which includes Matt Cameron (Secret City, Jack Irish) and Marieke Hardy (Laid, Seven Types of Ambiguity). It will be produced by Molloy, Lawrence and Fremantle’s Justin Davies (Beautiful People, Absolutely Fabulous). Barons will be Executive Produced by Nicholas Cook (Bra Boys, Proximity), Chris Oliver-Taylor (Glitch, Wanted, The Heights) and the ABC’s Sally Riley and Brett Sleigh.

Sally Riley, Head of Drama & Indigenous Television, ABC, said: “We have been chasing this show for a while now and we are so happy to announce its addition to the ABC slate. It has wonderful multi-faceted characters, a canvas that spans the best surf breaks in the world but its toes are firmly planted in the beaches of Australia. We are thrilled to be partnering with such a stellar team to bring this extraordinary Australian story to a global audience.”

Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Asia Pacific & Executive Producer, Fremantle, said: “Barons is one of the most ambitious dramas that Fremantle has ever been involved with. Partnering with John, Mick and Nick means that, between us all, we can take on one of the most exotic, dramatic and simply amazing stories - celebrating the 1970’s in Australia through the legend of surf culture. Barons will attract a world class cast of both Australian and international actors. Barons embodies Fremantle’s global ambition to produce premium drama and collaborate with the very best creative talent.”

John Molloy, 2Jons, & Michael Lawrence, Micanical Media, Producers, said “Barons is a project full of risk, mischief, soul and beauty. Working with this team of creatives is a joy and we look forward to sharing the humour, adventure and drama of these spirited characters with audiences. We are thrilled to be partnering with Fremantle and the ABC on this ambitious, international project.”  

Taylor Steele, Surfing Action Director, said: “We (Mick, Nick, Liz, John and I) have been working on this for years and are driven to get the story and world right, especially for both avid surfers and lovers of international TV Drama. It’s getting close and we are excited to spend next year bringing it to life.”

Further news on this landmark drama, including casting, to follow in 2019.

Fremantle will be distributing Barons internationally.


Six nominations for Neighbours.

Six nominations for Wentworth.

One for Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You.

Melbourne, May 26, 2019: Production company Fremantle, a market leader in scripted and unscripted content, has had unprecedented success at today’s TV WEEK Logie Awards Nominations event on the Gold Coast with 13 nominations announced. Its two flagship dramas Neighbours and Wentworth have scored a thrilling twelve nominations between them, with telemovie Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You also picking up a nomination.

Acclaimed actress Eve Morey, who played Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours for over a decade, has scored a highly-coveted TV WEEK Gold Logie nomination for most popular personality on Australian television, as well as a nomination for Most Popular Actress.  Her long-time co-star and on-screen husband Ryan Moloney (Toadie Rebecchi), a veteran of the nightly soap for 24 years, is in the running for Most Popular Actor – his first nomination.

Neighbours, now it’s 35th year, and Wentworth for its sixth season have both been nominated for Most Popular Drama and Most Outstanding Drama. It’s a unique accolade to be acknowledged in this way by both audience and industry peers. Wentworth created history in 2018 by being the first drama to take home both the Most Popular and Most Outstanding Drama awards.

 Wentworth has dominated the Most Outstanding individual nominations with four cast members being recognised for their powerful work– Leah Purcell, Lead Actress; Robbie Magasiva, Lead Actor; Celia Ireland, Supporting Actress and Bernard Curry, Supporting Actor.

 Neighbours’ rising star Bonnie Anderson has followed in the footsteps of many of today’s local and international stars who have launched their careers on Ramsay Street with a Most Popular New Talent nomination.

Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You, the inspiring biopic honouring legendary Australian performer ONJ for Channel Seven, has been nominated in Most Outstanding Miniseries or Telemovie.

 Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Asia Pacific, Fremantle, said: “We are all incredibly proud of the success of our drama productions. The Neighbours team have worked tirelessly to elevate our iconic show and after nearly 35 years on air it is phenomenal to be having this impact. Wentworth is brave, confronting story-telling performed by an exceptional cast. Its success globally demonstrates the power Australian stories can have on the world stage. ONJ is a fitting tribute to an Aussie legend.”

Jason Herbison, Executive Producer, Neighbours, Fremantle, said: “I am thrilled and humbled by the nominations Neighbours has received at this year’s Logies, led by the amazing Eve Morey for Gold.  The response to Sonya’s cancer journey was incredible and I’m proud that Eve, Ryan and the show have been honoured for such an important storyline.  Bonnie Anderson’s nod is also well deserved.  I am particularly proud that our beloved show has been nominated for Most Outstanding Drama.  As we approach our 35th anniversary, this is wonderful validation for the cast and crew and we thank the readers of TV Week, our industry peers and all at Network TEN for their incredible support.”

 Jo Porter, Director of Scripted, Executive Producer Wentworth & ONJ, Fremantle, said: “Such fabulous news today with these six nominations for Wentworth. I know how much this recognition will mean to series producer Pino Amenta, script producer Marcia Gardiner, writers, directors and the entire cast and production team, many of who have been with the series for the entire seven seasons. It’s gratifying to see their work acknowledged by their peers like this and importantly, also supported by our magnificent loyal fans who motivate us all to strive and outdo ourselves each season. Of course, this is only possible thanks to our dear friends at Foxtel. It’s interesting to see in the individual cast nominations there is an even split between prisoners and officers – battle lines are drawn!

 “Of course, I am also thrilled to see ONJ acknowledged in the Most Outstanding Miniseries or Telemovie category. Full credit to the passion and hard work of producer Margot McDonald, director Shawn Seet, the writers, crew and cast helmed by the amazing Delta Goodrem.”

Full list of Fremantle nominees:

GOLD LOGIE – Eve Morey, Neighbours



MOST OUTSTANDING MINI-SERIES/TELEMOVIE – Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You



MOST POPULAR ACTRESS – Eve Morey, Neighbours

MOST POPULAR ACTOR – Ryan Moloney, Neighbours

MOST OUTSTANDING ACTRESS – Leah Purcell, Wentworth

MOST OUSTANDING ACTOR – Robbie Magasiva, Wentworth



MOST POPULAR NEW TALENT – Bonnie Anderson, Neighbours


Neighbours is a Fremantle production for 10Peach and airs weeknights at 6.30pm.

Wentworth is a Fremantle production for Foxtel and Season 7 will premiere this Tuesday at 8.30pm on SHOWCASE.

Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You is a Fremantle production for Channel Seven and premiered in 2018.

AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT just got even bigger with all-star judging panel announced

Wednesday, May 1: AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT is ready for takeoff with a mighty all-star judging panel set to uncover the finest talent this country has ever seen. 

The following judges will bring a new level of expertise, energy and fun to what is undisputedly the world’s biggest entertainment show. 

NICOLE SCHERZINGER – Grammy-nominated singer, dancer and TV personality. 

MANU FEILDEL – Acclaimed chef, author and My Kitchen Rules judge.

SHANE JACOBSON – AFI winning actor, director, writer and comedian.

LUCY DURACK – Award-winning stage and screen star. 

Watched by half a billion people worldwide in 2018 alone, the Got Talent format is the world’s most successful talent search with 72 local versions across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle-East, Africa and the Americas. 

With the show at its peak globally, it’s now Australia’s turn to join the Got Talent revolution with a supercharged, event-scale series like you’ve never seen before. 

Nicole, who has sold 60 million albums as the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls and 16 million records as a solo artist, arrives in Australia this month to start filming. 

“It’s really wonderful to see every day people come on a stage and show their talent,” Nicole says. “These contestants can be your next-door neighbour or your grade school teacher – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. The show reminds everyone they too can follow their dreams and honour their gifts – even if they’ve kept them hidden. 

“I love watching undiscovered talent come into their own. It takes a lot of courage to get up on a stage with millions watching, and I want to be that voice of encouragement to help these contestants ultimately become the best versions of themselves.” 

Before finding fame as a chef and TV presenter, Manu mastered juggling, unicycling and acrobatics at a circus school as a teenager. He says he’s looking forward to dishing out his opinions on this year’s stars in the making. 

“I’m super excited! I’m a huge fan of good old entertainment. It’s the kind of family show I’d like to watch myself. It’s simply entertaining for all ages. It just puts a smile on your face. Expect fun! Fun and a lot of laughs.” 

A new wave of Australian talent is on the verge of being discovered and one thing’s for certain…Got Talent makes megastars! 

Got Talent has over 24 billion hits on YouTube. 2017 Asia’s Got Talent winner The Sacred Riana has the number one all-time video on Facebook with almost 700 million views and counting. America’s Got Talent ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer and magician Shin Lim both enjoy unparalleled success at home and abroad. Britain’s Got Talent discovered tenor Paul Potts, whose debut album topped the charts in 13 countries, and Susan Boyle, who has had number one albums in over 40 countries. 

In Australia, the show has unearthed opera star Mark Vincent, singer/dancer Timomatic, R&B sensation Andrew De Silva, magician extraordinaire Cosentino and dance troupe Justice Crew, who competed this year against the world’s best in America’s Got Talent: The Champions. 

The show also continues to smash ratings records around the world. In the UK, series 13 launched to 8.1 million viewers making it the number one show of 2019 to date. Meanwhile, America’s Got Talent: The Champions was the number show of the season last year averaging 14 million viewers per episode. 

In 2019, a showcase of mind blowing acts that need to be seen to be believed will perform in front of the judges and a massive live theatre audience to win $100,000 prize money. 

The world’s biggest entertainment show is headed to Sydney (May 11-14) and Melbourne (May 22-23). Be part of the audience and witness history in the making. For free tickets and location details, go to 

AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT will premiere on Channel Seven in 2019. 

The show is a Fremantle production for Channel Seven. The Got Talent format was created by Simon Cowell and is co-owned by SYCO Entertainment and Fremantle. 

Foxtel commission 20 new episodes of Wentworth

Foxtel today announced AACTA and TV Week Logie award winning drama Wentworth has been commissioned for a further 20 episodes. The history-making announcement will see Australia’s longest running one hour drama series remain on air until 2021.

A seventh season is currently in post-production and will screen in 2019. Season eight is supported by Film Victoria and will commence production next year.

A Fremantle production, Wentworth a re-imagining of the original Prisoner series, launched in 2013 and has been a global phenomenon with over 140 territories including United Kingdom, France, Canada, Finland, Israel and Macedonia screening the series and adaptations produced in four countries.

Fremantle CEO Asia Pacific, Chris Oliver-Taylor, said: “Foxtel have nurtured and supported the confronting world of Wentworth beautifully through its first seven award-winning series and we are thrilled to be producing another 20 episodes with them. Jo Porter and Pino Amenta lead an exceptionally creative production team with Marcia Gardiner at the helm of our brilliant writing team. Wentworth is a premium global drama for Fremantle and the news of Series 8 will be celebrated around the world.”

Wentworth created history being the first Australian drama to win both the Most Outstanding Drama and Most Popular Drama Logies for series 5 bringing the total number of Logie Awards to six, along with four AACTA Awards and four ASTRA Awards.

When Season 7 of Wentworth returns to FOX Showcase in 2019 the prison is on the brink of imploding as the fiery confrontation between the two emerging titans, Rita and Marie, is imminent after the season 6 bloody finale.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television, said: “Foxtel is proud and delighted to confirm a further 20 episodes of Wentworth. The renewal of this much loved drama is testament to Foxtel’s unwavering commitment to Australian story-telling.

Wentworth has captivated audiences in Australia and all over the world with its gritty nail-biting storylines, remarkable performances by an extensive ensemble cast and high production values. The commissioning of these additional episodes will see it reach an extraordinary 100 episodes”.

Victorian Minister for Creative industries, Martin Foley, said: “Wentworth is a shining star of Victoria’s incredibly strong screen industry. It’s a series that has contributed $80 million to Victoria’s economy and created over 550 jobs each season since 2012. We are proud to support it through Film Victoria and look forward to more quality storylines, more strong, authentic and diverse female characters, and to creating more jobs for Victorians behind and in front of camera.”

Neighbours set to sizzle this summer with no break for first time ever

Neighbours. Takaya, Matt, Stefan, Rebekah, Ben, Bonnie, Jodi..jpg

Get set to take a trip to the steamy side of suburbia this summer as Australia’s favourite neighbourhood burns brighter than ever before.

 For the first time in its 33 year history, Neighbours will be dishing up dangerously delightful drama all through December and into the new year. No breaks. No pauses. No reruns. Just extra juiciness, from us, your one and only source into the delectable lives of Ramsay Street’s residents.

Neighbours’ Executive Producer, Jason Herbison said: "Neighbours is putting on a party this summer so slip into something comfortable and come and join us. We're serving  up cocktails with twists and turns, blasts from the past, betrayal, love, lust and intrigue a plenty.  It all happens on Ramsay Street and we'll be ending 2018 on a high and starting the new year with a bang." 

And because we don’t like to do things in halves, later this month the iconic Australian drama will reach yet another milestone when its history making 8000th episode explodes onto screens across the country. 

 So, as the temperature continues to rise behind the closed doors of everyone’s much loved cul-de-sac, just what can be expected?

 A former Ramsay Street resident will return from the dead, only to haunt Erinsborough once more.

They say the harder you rise the faster you fall, but evil nanny Alice (Kerry Armstrong) will stop at nothing to pull off her poisonous plot against a much-loved resident.

The only thing more shocking than the truth are the lies people tell to cover it up. We might know that Susan (Jackie Woodburne) pushed Finn (Rob Mills) off the cliff, but will he survive her murderous act? The answer is waiting in the wings, ready for revelation.  

Some of our neighbours aren’t as pure as they’d like to be, and a shocking cheating scandal and consequent pregnancy will shake a hot new couple to its core.

Everybody knows the biggest presents come in the smallest boxes, but will two of Ramsay Street’s favourite couples actually make it down the aisle?

  • An infinitely sunny exterior doesn’t make Erinsborough immune to loss, and the devastating death of a fan favourite will change the lives of our neighbours, and us, forever.

 Network Ten Executive Producer of Neighbours, Sara Richardson said: “It’s a thrilling time to be with your favourite Neighbours. We have worked hard to turn the heat up on Ramsay Street over summer. 8000 episodes in and Neighbours is still finding ways to be adventurous, funny, bold and relevant…it’s the escape you’ve been looking for over the holidays and 10 Peach is ready to take you there.”

Australia Joins The Got Talent Global Revolution

Following global ratings dominance, Australia’s Got Talent is back to warm your heart, tickle your funny bone and knock your socks off.

Get set to be entertained as Australia’s Got Talent joins the worldwide Got Talent revolution, on Channel 7 in 2019.

Creator of the Got Talent format, Simon Cowell, said: “I am absolutely thrilled because I have always known that Australia’s got talent.”

Watched by half a billion people worldwide this year alone, the Got Talent format is undisputedly the world’s most successful talent search with 71 local versions across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle- East, Africa and the Americas.

It’s the number one entertainment show in the USA and the 2018 series reached over 33 million viewers in the UK. With the show at its peak globally, it’s now Australia’s turn to join the party and witness the format’s evolution.

Australia’s Got Talent in 2019 is guaranteed to amaze viewers with unique, brilliant, funny and mind-blowing acts from all walks of life. The weird, the wild and the wonderful will showcase their talents in front of a panel of soon-to-be announced celebrity judges and a massive live theatre audience.

Number one for fun, Australia’s Got Talent is a show everyone knows and loves. But in 2019, it will be supercharged event-scale, feel-good entertainment like you’ve never seen before; appointment viewing for the entire family. If you think you’ve seen it all before...think again! There’ll be plenty of surprises in store with more announcements to follow.

Channel Seven’s Director of Network Programming, Angus Ross, said: “Family-friendly variety shows have always played an important role in Seven’s schedule and the timing feels right for the biggest of them all – AGT - to return home to Seven in 2019.”

Fremantle CEO Asia Pacific, Chris Oliver-Taylor, said: “The Got Talent format is a global phenomenon with audiences and its production values are without peer. We are thrilled to be partnering with Seven to bring a local version of this scale to Australian audiences. Our passionate creative team will deliver a bold and captivating series everyone will enjoy.”

A new wave of Australian talent is set to be discovered. If you’re the best at what you do and know how to thrill a crowd, AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT can make you a superstar across the country and around the world.

Got Talent makes megastars! The audition of 2017 Asia’s Got Talent winner The Sacred Riana is the number one all-time video on Facebook with 658 million views and counting. America’s Got Talent ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer and magician Shin Lim both went viral with their performances catapulting them to global fame. Britain’s Got Talent unearthed tenor Paul Potts, whose debut album topped the charts in 13 countries and whose story inspired the Hollywood film of the same name, starring James Corden, and Susan Boyle, who has had number one albums in over 40 countries.

Fremantle signs non-scripted first look deal with Keshet international

Leading global producer and distributor Keshet International (KI) has signed a first- look deal with the Australian arm of the global creator, producer and distributor of scripted and non- scripted content Fremantle. Fremantle Australia will have access to KI’s non-scripted formats catalogue in Australia and New Zealand. This deal does not include KI’s scripted and finished tape catalogue.

The diverse catalogue includes existing formats such as KI’s all-new singing format Showdown – Aviv/Eyal, electrifying dance series Masters of Dance, celebrity-led docu-reality series Anna’s 12 Steps To Love, and all new titles added to the slate during the term.

Kelly Wright, VP Distribution and New Business, Keshet International, said: “Fremantle's tremendous production strength in Australia and New Zealand, as well as their ability to successfully adapt formats to the needs of the local market, makes this an incredibly exciting opportunity. We’re looking forward to bringing our diverse slate of innovative non-scripted formats, backed by Fremantle's development twists and production might, to the region. ”

The deal will see Fremantle access to an exceptionally strong selection of non-scripted entertainment and factual entertainment formats being brought to market from the independent production companies supported by Greenbird Media, the UK production company incubator in which KI acquired a majority stake earlier this year. This includes Tuesday Child’s musical game show Playlisters; Crackit Productions’ ground-breaking reality series Bad Habits, Holy Orders; Rumpus Media’s algorithm-powered dating show, Personal Dater; and Top Hat’s social experiment format Bussing.

This deal represents the first of its kind between KI and Fremantle.

Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Asia Pacific, Fremantle, said: “The opportunity to partner with creative powerhouse Keshet gives our Australian development slate great depth, and enhances our ability to sell and create amazing content. Our brilliant creative team, led by Director of Content, Jennifer Collins, and Director of Unscripted, Caroline Spencer, are exceptional at adapting international formats for our local market, and we expect great success to come from our partnership with Keshet International.”


Fremantle has announced an exclusive development and production partnership with renowned and respected actress, Marta Dusseldorp.

Marta has many distinguished television credits including the title character in Janet King, for which she won the AACTA Award for Best Lead Actress in 2015, and her starring role as Sarah Adams in A Place to Call Home. Marta’s enviable body of work also includes Crownies, BlackJack and Jack Irish. Marta was Associate Producer on the hugely successful Janet King series.


Marta said: “I have always admired Jo Porter for her story telling intelligence and overwhelming commitment to Australian Drama. She is one of the leading producers in the country making smart, unique and daring television. I am thrilled to be collaborating with her and the fabulous scripted team at Fremantle. I hope to develop and produce dynamic female driven Australian stories to Fremantle’s slate that not only Australians will want to watch but the world.”

Fremantle will be the home for Marta’s original ideas and projects, which will then be developed and produced with her as part of Fremantle’s drama slate.

Fremantle’s ambition for scripted content is to tell uniquely Australian stories that resonate both locally and internationally. The partnership with Marta is reflective of a strategy to collaborate with the best creatives in the business and be the home of great story-tellers.

Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Australia & New Zealand, Fremantle, said: “We are incredibly excited that Marta is partnering with us at Fremantle to develop and produce her scripted projects. Marta has a unique and special combination of talent, creativity and foresight which we will embrace at Fremantle. Our Scripted team, led by the remarkable Jo Porter, is striving to partner with the very best creatives, of which Marta most certainly is.”

Also announced today, joining the Fremantle Scripted team in a fulltime role is Jono Gavin. Jono is one of the most sought-after creatives in the country and is best known for his work as Creator, Script Producer and Writer on popular and critical hits Sisters, Offspring, Cleverman, Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Beautiful Lie and Puberty Blues. Jono joins the Scripted team in the role of Showrunner/Creator/Writer.

Jo Porter, Director of Scripted, Fremantle, said: “To have a creative the calibre of Jono join our team is a coupe that further enhances our ability to tell unique and captivating stories. Aside from being one of the smartest creatives in the business he’s also one of the most loved drawing talent to work with him.”

Chris and Jo continue to build a Scripted team that will deliver on their commitment to quality drama. Jono joins Nat Lindwall (Executive Producer), Jason Herbison (Executive Producer), Brett Popplewell (Head of Production), Justin Davies (Senior Development Executive), Nathalie Peter Contesse (Development Executive), Billy Bowring (Development Executive) and Erica Harrison (Development Manager) as the core creative team.

Porter said: “I’m so proud of the dynamic and talented group of people who are part of our Scripted team. The key focus for us is optioning and developing a wide range of exciting projects with incredible IP and creatives attached and we look forward to taking them to market.”

Jo Porter also announced today Fremantle’s commitment to ensure diversity in all story rooms.

“At Fremantle we are committed to ensure we have a diverse range of voices in all rooms from the earliest stage of all our scripted development. Not only is it important to give opportunity to a range of voices and reflect contemporary Australia and the world we also know this diversity strengthens our teams. Having a range of perspectives on the stories we tell brings nuance, depth and authenticity. We look forward to working with Agents on this exciting initiative”

Fremantle Announces Appointment of Jennifer Collins as Director Of Content

Fremantle’s CEO Australia & New Zealand, Chris Oliver- Taylor, today announced the appointment of television executive Jennifer Collins to the role of Director of Content within the Australian business. The appointment of Jennifer will be the cornerstone of a leadership team focused on creativity and content.

Jennifer will be responsible for the development and production slates for both scripted and unscripted programming, creating a consolidated strategy across the genres. Her primary focus will be to build depth to Fremantle’s offering and bring about collaborations with the best creatives in the business. Fremantle’s ambition is to create, sell, produce and deliver amazing content for audiences both locally and internationally.

Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Australia & New Zealand, Fremantle, said: “I am thrilled that Jen is joining Fremantle, she will add significant creative depth that will complement our extraordinary team at Fremantle. As a professional and on a personal-level, I think she will bring enormous value to the business, both culturally and creatively”

Jennifer Collins, Director of Content, Australia, Fremantle, said: "I couldn't be more excited to have this opportunity at Fremantle to work across both scripted and unscripted, and to again work with Chris. After an incredible five years at Screentime, I'm delighted to be joining Fremantle and I look forward to working with the very best creative talent to deliver quality content for Australian and international audiences.”

Jennifer is one of this country’s leading television creatives. She was most recently Head of Non-Fiction at Screentime and prior to this was ABC’s Head of Entertainment. Jennifer has overseen development and production slates at both organisations that include some of Australia’s most recognisable and successful programming; RBT, Stop Laughing... This Is Serious, Dirty Laundry Live, Adam Hills Tonight, The Chaser Decides, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, Gruen Planet and Kitchen Cabinet.

Chris commenced in the role of CEO Australia & New Zealand with Fremantle in September. With the appointment of Jennifer, he has confirmed his creative leadership team. This group will spearhead Fremantle’s development and production strategy with a renewed focus on creativity at the core of our business.

Jo Porter, Director of Scripted, will continue to lead and drive drama and scripted comedy production for Fremantle. Caroline Spencer, Director of Unscripted, will be focused on leading the factual, light entertainment and game-shows through their development and production cycle, as well as manage all third-party format agreements. Jonathon Summerhayes, Director of Major Formats, will manage and lead Fremantle’s biggest entertainment formats such as Australia’s Got Talent and The Greatest Dancer. Jo, Caroline and Jonathon will report into Jennifer.

Chris said: “Fremantle is in an enviable position with some of the best creatives in the country as part of our family. I’ve worked with Jo, Spence and Jono to more clearly define their roles and the value they can deliver to our broadcast partners. It is important we have them focused on what they do best – creating amazing content. Jen will be taking the big- picture perspective looking at our slates across scripted, unscripted and major formats.”

Jennifer will commence with Fremantle next week.

Fremantle Media scoops five Logie Awards

It was thrilling and proud night for FMA at the 60th TV Week Logie Awards with five wins for two of our much-loved programs, Wentworth and Family Feud Australia.

Family Feud host Grant Denyer won the biggest honour of the night, the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. 

And the awards kept coming as the Family Feud frontman also picked up the Logie for Most Popular Presenter.

Wentworth saw great success winning both the prestigious Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Drama and the highly prized Logie for Most Popular Drama.

Pamela Rabe won the Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actress for her chilling portrayal of Joan Ferguson in Wentworth.

These awards are a credit to the incredibly creative and hard-working production teams of both programs.


FMA Receives FIVE Nominations at AWGIES

FremantleMedia Australia has received an impressive FIVE nominations at the 50th Annual AWGIE Awards, announced this morning by the Australian Writers’ Guild.

Neighbours’ impact on the Australian psyche continues, with three nominations in the Television – Serial category for Sam Meikle, Sue Hore and Peter Mattessi. In the category of Television – Series or Miniseries, Pete McTighe is nominated for his Wentworth episode of Seeing Red; and in the Television – Series or Miniseries (Less than 4 hours), Hoges: Part 1 was given a nod by the judges for Keith Thompson’s script.  

Since 1968 the Australian Writers’ Guild has presented the AWGIE Awards to recognise and reward the talents, triumphs and unique contributions of Australian screen and stage writers to the Australian arts. The AWGIE Awards is the only writers’ awards judged solely by writers, based on the written script – the writer’s intention rather than the finished product.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, this year’s AWGIE Awards will be presented across 19 individual categories including feature film, television, documentary, theatre, animation and interactive media as well as the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award, proudly presented by Foxtel.

AWGIE recipients will be announced at the 50th Annual AWGIE Awards on Friday 25 August 2017 in Sydney.


Neighbours: Episode 7414 – Sam Meikle

Neighbours: Episode 7477 – Sue Hore

Neighbours: Episode 7492 – Peter Mattessi


Wentworth: ‘Seeing Red' – Pete McTighe


Hoges: Part 1 – Keith Thompson

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Production Commences On third Season Of The Great Australian Bake Off

Production Commences On third Season Of The Great Australian Bake Off

Series to premiere on Lifestyle FOOD later this year.

The tent is up, the ovens preheated and some of the country’s best amateur bakers are ready to do baking battle in the third season of Lifestyle FOOD’s deliciously successful series, THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF.

Produced by FremantleMedia Australia exclusively for Foxtel, the 10-part series started filming in Sydney last week with 12 new bakers donning their aprons and taking their spot in the iconic Bake Off shed.

Over the coming weeks, these home baking enthusiasts will take on up to 30 mouth-watering challenges that will test their baking prowess and creativity in a bid to find the country’s best baker.

Culinary icon Maggie Beer and acclaimed chef Matt Moran will once again be judging the bakers on their skills at making cakes, breads, pastries and desserts of all kinds. Comedians Claire Hooper and Mel Buttle are also back to host the third season, armed with an arsenal of fresh baking puns.

THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF has been a huge success for Lifestyle FOOD, with the first two series continually breaking viewing records and finishing as the number one program in the channel’s history across all metrics. The third series of THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF will premiere later this year.

THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Foxtel based on a format created by Love Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide.

Following its broadcast on Lifestyle FOOD, THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN BAKE OFF will be available to watch via Foxtel On Demand, which is available on internet connected iQ boxes, Foxtel Play or enjoyed on the move via Foxtel Go, Foxtel’s mobile app. Foxtel Go is included in all residential and Foxtel play subscriptions at no extra cost. 

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Gary Conway Celebrated At The Prestigious ADG Awards

He has been a much-loved fixture behind the camera on Neighbours for the past three decades, and now director Gary Conway has been recognised by his peers with a prestigious Australian Directors’ Guild Award.

Starting on Neighbours during the 1980s when Kylie and Jason were starring, Gary won the Award for Best Direction in a TV Drama Serial at the ADG Awards over the weekend with his direction of Brad and Lauren’s wedding episode 7509.

Gary’s contribution to the rise of countless of young Australian actors including Jason and Kylie, Natalie Imbruglia, Craig Mclaughlan, Daniel Macpherson, Guy Pearce, Jesse Spencer, Natalie Basingthwaite, Ashley Brewer, and Margo Robbie is an incredible achievement. Currently overseas, Gary is delighted by his win and said:

“Directing is a team effort, it’s all well and good to have a vision but it’s crucial to have the hard work and dedication from each and every department. I would like to thank the script department for the terrific story, the cast for their performances, Angelo and the Post team, a big thanks to the Art department for creating a magnificent wedding and to each and every crew member for creating a fantastic episode”.

The award further cements Neighbours continuing influence on the worldwide drama landscape. A big congratulations to Gary and all the Neighbours team!

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Wentworth To Start Production On Season Six

FremantleMedia Australia’s global hit drama Wentworth will this month go into production of its sixth season, Foxtel has announced.

Wentworth’s fifth season launched last month on Foxtel’s showcase channel and the next 12-episode season of the AACTA and Logie Award winning drama will shoot on location through winter in Melbourne to be scheduled on Foxtel in 2018.

Wentworth premiered in 2013 and is Foxtel’s longest-running original drama. The series is distributed by FremantleMedia International and is now seen in more than 140 territories and there are productions in Dutch, German and Flemish.

The drama has been lauded by critics at home and abroad and acknowledged with award wins and nominations. Most recently, Wentworth won the 6th AACTA Award for Most Outstanding Drama Series in December and was nominated in the 59th TV Week Logie Awards in the popular-voted Best Drama Series category and the industry-voted categories of Most Outstanding Drama Series, Most Outstanding Supporting Actress for Nicole da Silva as Franky Doyle, and Most Outstanding Actress for Danielle Cormack in her final season as Bea Smith.

Foxtel head of drama Penny Win said: “As Foxtel’s longest-running original drama, Wentworth continues to set a high bar for our local production slate. There is so much yet to unfold with season five premiering now in Australia on Foxtel before any details should be revealed about the sixth season. My lips are sealed other than to say Marcia Gardner and the writers continue to excel in setting up intriguing story arcs and finely crafted scripts for the wonderfully talented Wentworth cast to bring to life.” 

FremantleMedia Australia’s Director of Drama Jo Porter said: “Getting to a sixth season is something none of us take for granted. Key to this is the unwavering dedication to the show by the incredible Wentworth audience both in Australia and around the world. Like us they are drawn to our exceptional cast who embody the diverse, complex and intriguing characters who populate the intense world of Wentworth and its high stakes and compelling stories.

“None of this would be possible without our wonderful partners Foxtel. Together with series producer Pino Amenta, the wonderful team of writers, directors, crew, and cast, we all look forward to opening the gates of Wentworth for the next chapter. Knowing what they have in store, fans won’t be disappointed and we can’t wait to get started.”

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First Look at Picnic at Hanging Rock

First Look at Picnic at Hanging Rock

FremantleMedia Australia and Foxtel this week released the first official image from the set of our new event drama Picnic at Hanging Rock, in production in Victoria.

The first look image reveals Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2, In Darkness) as English headmistress Mrs Hester Appleyard alongside Samara Weaving as Irma Leopold, Madeleine Madden as Marion Quade and Lily Sullivan as Miranda Reid.

“I am thrilled to be in Australia working with an exceptional creative team on Picnic at Hanging Rock,” Ms Dormer said. “This re-imagining of the iconic story will no doubt grab a contemporary audience with its mystery, emotion and wide range of complex, smart female characters. To play Hester Appleyard is a joy.” 

Picnic at Hanging Rock will plunge viewers into the mysterious disappearances of three schoolgirls and one teacher on Valentine’s Day 1900, taking the audience on a new journey into Joan Lindsay’s revered Australian novel through the six part drama which has production investment from Screen Australia and Film Victoria. 

The extensive cast includes Lola Bessis as Mademoiselle Dianne de Poitiers, mistress of French Conversation, Music and Dance; Yael Stone as Miss Dora Lumley, mistress of Deportment and Bible Studies; Anna McGahan as Miss Greta McCraw, mistress of Geography and Mathematics, Sibylla Budd as Mrs Valange, mistress of Art and Literature, Ruby Rees as Edith Horton and introduces Inez Curro as Sara Waybourne.   Other characters will be played by Don Hany, Harrison Gilbertson, James Hoare, Marcus Graham, Mark Coles Smith, Jonny Pasvolsky, Philip Quast, Emily Gruhl, Ros Gentle, Julie Nihill, Kaarin Fairfax, Huw Higginson, Ron Jacobson and Kim Gyngell.

Picnic at Hanging Rock will premiere on Foxtel’s showcase channel at a date to be confirmed.

FremantleMedia International is distributing the drama internationally.

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Family Feud Star Wars Edition

Family Feud Star Wars Edition

Calling all Star Wars and Family Feud fans: May the 4th Be With You! To celebrate Star Wars Day this Thursday, FremantleMedia Australia has collaborated with The Walt Disney Company to launch the Family Feud Star Wars board game

The board game’s release coincides with a one-off Star Wars themed episode of Family Feud to screen on TEN and WIN Network this Thursday, May 4 at 6pm and ties in with the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars film franchise.

The Network Ten hit is a natural fit for brand leverage. With the regular Family Feud board game the Number 1 selling game last year, the Family Feud Star Wars board game is the second co-branded offering after Family Feud Disney Edition, which hit Number 2 best seller in Australia in 2016.

The episode sees two teams of Star Wars fans battling it out with questions from the movie franchise and a chance to win a trip to Disneyland California and $10,000 spending money. With Stormtrooper cos-players and audience members dressed up as their favourite Star Wars characters, it’s set to be an action packed episode. 

“To see Family Feud associated with the world’s biggest movie franchise brand is an honour and, building on the success of last year’s Disney board game, we are thrilled to once again evolve and integrate the Feud brand to continually entertain and engage our audience,” says Zara Curtis, General Manager Brand Partnerships, FremantleMedia Australia. 

Manufactured by Imagination Gaming, the Family Feud Star Wars board game is available from Kmart stores nationally at a RRP of $29.

“This year, from a galaxy far, far away we will have combined two global entertainment brands with Star Wars themed questions,” says Imagination Gaming CEO Shane Yeend. “We can’t wait to see it hit the shelves and are thrilled with this new-look, co-branding of the game.”  

Family Feud Star Wars is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Network Ten, screening 6pm on Thursday, May 4.

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Stargazing Live Discovers New Planets

In news that is simply out of this world, Stargazing Live viewers have discovered four brand new planets orbiting a yellow parent star – the biggest discovery in the show’s history and one that has caused excitement in the scientific community.

The FMA-produced series for the ABC, which has been a long-running BBC format, last night revealed the newly discovered system is in the constellation of Aquarius. It is 600-light years away and the planets are each between two and three times the size of Earth. 

Professor Brian Cox says, “I couldn’t be more excited about these discoveries - in the seven years I’ve been making Stargazing Live this is the most significant scientific discovery we’ve made. The results are a wonderful and intriguing surprise.” 

It is a new solar system, and one that scientists didn’t know existed until yesterday.

More than ten thousand viewers from all around Australia logged on to to help analyse the data that identified the new solar system. 

The discovery was made using data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope, in collaboration with the Zooniverse project and with scientists at the University of California Santa Cruz and at Caltech.

Congratulations to FMA Executive Producer Lara Hopkins and her team for producing one of the year’s standout science programs.

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